Construction began in December of 2007 and the owners of this beautiful building were able to move into the home in August of 2008!

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In the short time of 8 months, Poole Construction was able to take the Carnegie Library from an unusable state to a home of grandeur after a complete restoration. The wonderful couple who purchased the property had the vision to create a unique home from a neglected piece of the towns history.

Originally built in 1904 for 10,000 dollars, the library supplied the community with its great reading material until 1993. At that time a new library was constructed and the Carnegie was left to slowly deteriorate over a period of 15 years.

Mold and water damage prevailed. The only pieces that could be salvaged were the outside stone structure, the tiled foyer floor and the rotunda ceiling in the foyer. The crown moldings on the upper level were expertly repaired. From the pillars and fireplace to the uniquely shaped windows, everything needed to be re-created or totally restored, and that's just what Poole Construction did. Go-to page 2



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